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The SR Technologies Soprano Legend Hard Rubber mouthpiece is designed about our polycarbonate model of the same name, and computer machined from the finest German hard rubber, for additional tonal darkness and complexity. Suggested Retail Price: $500.00 
The SR Technologies ProSoprano blends a medium baffle and a square chamber into a round throat to provide the power needed for contemporary music while retaining a warm core sound and flawless intonation. Available in gold plated brass 

Suggested Retail Price $525

All SR Technologies Soprano Legend Mouthpieces are patterned after classic French mouthpieces. A low baffle, large chamber, round throat and wide window produce a warm, flexible tone sustainable from pianissimo to fortissimo in all registers. Available in both polycarbonate and metal
Suggested Retail Price $450.00 (Polycarb)
Suggested Retail Price $525.00 (Metal)